Conferences and Events


Sound On: Attention, Autoplaying Video, and the Digital Sensorium

Sound and Music in the Prism of Sound Studies Conference
CRAL/EHSS, Paris, France – January 2019


Viral Musicking

Music and the Internet Study Day
University of Oxford – December 2018

Viral Musicking; Contagious Listening

American Musicological Society Annual Conference
San Antonio, TX – November 2018

Hearing #Kaylor: Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss, and Queer Musical Imaginings of Reputation

Fan Studies Network North America Conference
DePaul University, Chicago – October 2018

“Substance and Profundity”: Groupmuse, the Gig Economy, and Classical Music in the 21st Century

The Idea of Canon in the 21st Century Conference
Smith College, Northampton MA – September 2018

“Unmute This”: Autoplaying Video and Vernacular Media Theory

Music and the Moving Image XIII
New York University, NY – May 2018

“I am no longer looking forward to the weekend”: Hating, Loving, Remixing ‘Friday’”

Society for Cinema and Media Studies Annual Conference
Toronto, ON – March 2018

“From Pieces to Listening Practices”

Musicology in the Age of (Post)Globalization Conference
The Graduate Center of the City University of New York, NY – April 2018

“Groupmuse, the Gig Economy, and Classical Music in the 21st Century”

Society for American Music Annual Conference
Kansas City, MO – March 2018

“Viral Musicking; Contagious Listening”

Techniques of Listening Conference
University of Minnesota, MN – October 2017

Invited Respondent, “Urban Soundscape, History, and the City” panel

Music and Sound Studies Workshop
Columbia University, NY – September 2017

“Groupmuse, the Gig Economy, and Classical Music in the 21st Century”

Branding ‘Western Music’
University of Bern, Switzerland – September 2017

“Vocal Power, Vocal Pleasure, and Artifice as Authority in Beyoncé’s ‘Sandcastles'”

Feminist Theory and Music Conference
San Francisco, CA – July 2017

“‘We We We So Excited’: Hating, Loving, Remixing ‘Friday'”

Music and the Moving Image XII
New York University, NY – May 2017

BEYONCÉ: How Viral Techniques Circulated a Visual Album”

American Musicological Society
82nd Annual Meeting
Vancouver, BC – November 2016